Tudor Rules

The Rules Haven't Changed.....

Amanda, a shy sophomore who feels like the family ugly duckling, finds inspiration and confidence from the story of Anne Boleyn and the Tudors. After discovering that the boy she thought was her boyfriend didn't even think of her in that way, Amanda decides that things have to change. By following Tudor Rules of proper courtly conduct, she finds a new way of struggling through the Court of High School, transforming herself into an alluring Tudor maiden, and setting her sights on the King of the High School.

The book echoes much of the drama of the Tudor court, with betrayals, low-cut necklines, and even a musical theater production. With the help of her ladies in waiting, Amanda succeeds in transforming herself and attracting the King, but when it's almost too late, learns that getting what you want is sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you.

Tudor Rules is an intriguing tale of a teen's desire to change her circumstances and how she ends up finding herself in the process.

Praise for Tudor Rules

"In Tudor Rules, Libby Schmais brilliantly captures the fun, effervescent side of teenage angst. In Amanda Berenson's slightly nerdy, funny, and believable teenage voice, Tudor Rules explores the arcane courtship rituals involved in a high school theater production, a period version of High School Musical, complete with a plague epidemic. Distilling the lessons of Ann Boleyn's ill-fated relationship with Henry VIII, Amanda applies Tudor logic to our Facebooking century, finding her way through the highs and lows of high school drama to a surprising but satisfying conclusion." -Abby Bardi, author of The Book of Fred

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